A Mid-Century State of Mind

I am passionate about mid-century homes. I’m a mid-century boy (born in 1955) who lives in a mid-century home (built in 1955). Mid-century roughly comprises the years between 1945-1965…the post-WWII, Baby Boomer years, and is responsible for the modern, retro look many of us so appreciate today. With architects such as Joseph Eichler, Mies van der Rohe, Cliff May, and a Northwest legacy, Ibsen Nelson, who designed the glass-walled Museum of Flight and sweet Inn at the Market, I don’t think the mid-century modern design will ever go out of style.

What I love most about mid-century homes is the functionality and practicality – with features like closets under stairwells and shelving built into the walls, no space is wasted. While out on a recent tour of mid-century homes for sale in Seattle, I found those features and more, like exposed wood beams, exposed brick fireplace walls, and big windows.

Mid-century homes have a reputation for their solid, firm build – they are like tanks. Neighborhoods like Olympic Manor north of Ballard and Fauntlee Hills in West Seattle feature quintessential mid-century dwellings that have been beautifully cared for the past 50+ years.

If you too are in a mid-century state of mind, check out Docomomo WEWA (Documentation and Conservation of the Modern Movement, Western WA) at  http://docomomo-wewa.org.

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About Roger J. Morris

Real estate broker, mid-century home devotee, world traveler, gardener, sports fan
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