Forever Mod: Retro Paint Colors

Fabulous 50s paint colors (source:

Flamingo, Ramona Green…just a few paint colors from the 1950s.

In most cases, you won’t see these vintage paint colors on the walls of mid-century homes these days. They’ve been covered by paint colors of the 70s, 80s and beyond. But, never fear…if you are a mid-century maven like me, you’ll be pining over the bevy of retro paint color choices from a variety of dealers, including Martha Stewart’s line sold at Home Depot and Daly’s Paint & Decorating in the Seattle area (ask the Paint Princess for help!), just to name a few.

Some paint retailers have made it easy for you by putting together retro paint palettes. Sherwin-Williams revived the nostalgic colors, and offers a palette of colors perfect for the 1950s-vibe home of today, including the Suburban Modern and Streamlined Years palettes.

If you are looking for something not so “retro over-the-top”, Benjamin Moore has put together the New Retro color palette with subdued hues for your mid-century home.

Here’s a great tip for you hepcats who own mid-century homes and don’t know how to deal with those mint green bathroom fixtures that work just fine…don’t rip everything out, embrace it! HGTV has some great ideas on how to “retro-fy” those outdated bathrooms.

Need more help deciding on the perfect color scheme for your mid-century home? Check out these fabulous sites for some mod ideas:

And remember…stay cool, Daddy-O!


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2 Responses to Forever Mod: Retro Paint Colors

  1. Clifton says:

    Love the lavender especially !!! Glad you are doing this blog… it’s FUN!!!

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