George Nelson: King of Mid-Century Mod

Nelson Cigar Floor Lamp, Moon Shine Lamp & Shade

Multi-Color Ball Clock, NOVA68











Ball clocks and bubble lampshades…these items truly define mid-century mod living, and were designed by the “original mad man”, George Nelson (1908-1986), in the 1950s. Nelson’s specialty was creating functional items without sacrificing design. Trained as an architect, he used his design knowledge to shape the American Modernism movement. Writer, teacher, and photographer, Nelson not only created objects but was able to share his process with others.

Bellevue Arts Museum wants to share Nelson’s work with the public through a retrospective of Nelson’s work – 220 items in all their glory, including his lamps, clocks, furniture, and more. Information about this exhibit happening now through February 12, 2012 can be found on the Bellevue Arts Museum website.

Want to find out more about Nelson or buy a few Nelson-style products? Check out these sites:

All about George Nelson

Ball Clock @ NOVA68

Bubble Lamps @ Moon Shine Lamp & Shades


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One Response to George Nelson: King of Mid-Century Mod

  1. carol voccia says:

    I love that all of this great stuff I grew up with is now back in vogue! Classic styles will be with us forever! Great stuff…takes me back to my childhood days!

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